Yes we’re back ,and just like after a month at a gym, we’re better looking. (kinda)

For all those who already follow , a big welcome back and for tall those who are new, A  big hello and hug from me.

As to where I have been these past few weeks , I have been relocating, rethinking and redesigning the site to be that much more better.
Better Layout, Better navigation ( sorta ) and better security  (as you can see by our site scanner logo) for readers peace of mind.
We were over due for a spring clean,  and I think that we’ve done a good job so far, but as with all things , we are always looking to improve and add more goodies.

Also a New 90 page book  Set to be Released in October and also shown off at London MCM EXPO COMICON,
This will be preceded by a Kickstarter Campaign to help raise funds and get the ball going, . this will have Kickstarter only exclusives, Art, figures and more.  so keep your eyes open for more interesting things .

I hope that will all the change done and some secret projects I got going , that this will drive me to keep the world more updated , as well as looking forward to feedback and being more social.

Welcome all to the IDLESTATUS