Hello to all those who follow, as its time for a little update,

First of all , I am FINALLY two thirds through the creation of my comic book .
That’s right we’ve done the pencil , we’ve done the ink and now its time to colour, this is gonna be perhaps the more labour intensive part.
So be ready for more updates and sneak peeks of work, including some statuettes that Im working on.

P.S. expect my kickstarter vid to be ready in the following months,

Part two , Thanks to a friendly comment , I have been introduced to http://topwebcomics.com/ and am now signed up to it to spread the good name of IdleStatus around,
So a shout out to “Random222” for leaving that comment, and expanding my world,  ( play angelic music here )
For whose who wanted to vote for IdleStatus can click the link here  

And lastly on a side project, I will be heading to comicon in London this May to promote my other creations C.A.P. FIGURES The canvas you can pose.
3D printed blank figures that you can Paint on, Draw on , Sculpt on and customise

And that’s the update form my desk at the moment,  hoping to post more updates soon

Thanks again , from IdleStatus