Now that the Comicon is over, I can tell you that its been a heck of a weekend. And having the first time in the comic village has been a good one. Firstly I would like to thank all those who visited the table and have come to have a look at the site.
Secondly I would like to thank all those who bought my novel and I hope you enjoyed it.  Its been a real eye opener and didn’t realised how many people recognised my work and I’m grateful for it.
Also learned a few things and got some ideas for next time.

Thing one, Having a novel is nice and all, but I think the next book I do will need to be a four part mini series, with the option of a novel for those who want it all at once.
Thing two, need to catch peoples attention, so project “life size Hare” will be in the works.
And that’s it for now, would love to hear from those I met.
I’ll be posting up again soon, right now I got ideas in the oven.