I think I have made one of the worst mistakes imaginable as a content creator and gone almost four months without blogging, comicing , commenting , or doing any form of social interaction to both friends and readers alike.
Why you may ask? , Well after the successful backing of my graphic novel, things kinda stalled.
I was no longer working at my usual part time job as a call centre worker, was dazed over what to do next, and I have had to take on a full time labour heavy job to make ends meet and fund my work.

So this has meant early to rise, early to bed and no energy to do much else other than work out a new routine. So with that in mind I do ask my loyal watchers to be kind in their comments, but also I would love to hear what people would like to see from a web comic site – updates, news , ideas, stuff like that and so on. Because although I have been doing a webcomic for a while I still don’t consider myself a professional.


But now with all major things out of the way, and only a handful  ahead of me, I feel confident enough to start up again. With a new story in the works after the “ Soul of Silicon” saga … the comic will be shifting from a horizontal page of six panels, to a full vertical comic book style format. Yes boys and girls won’t that be neat.

Also with the help of my new job I plan to start my first ever Idle-Competition soon, with hopefully prizes like t-shirt, art and figures to be won.

So thank you for this moment of your time, and wish you all the best of health.

GianClaudio at IdleStatus