I suppose you are all wondering where have all the new comics gone? , Well truth is I’ve been working on a new story behind the scenes and trying my best to draw a backstock of comic pages before the new season.

On top of that Im trying to build the site up from just a online comic to something more satisfying, things like more art, more small comics, more in depth story line. As well as trying to get more goodies for fans, like t-shirt designs, figures, merchandise, and been trying for a while to get a action figure printed, ( supporting local business ).
This has been delayed even further with the introduction of two things … Money… and Im doing this on my own. The money aspect is a sticky issue as i’ve been running the site out of my own pocket where I can, and funding with art commissions where I can’t, Sticky issue two is the solo stuff, having little production experience, I’m teaching myself things as I go along, also I have a bad habit of trying to do it all myself and forgetting to ask for help.

I haven’t forgot about people, its just my ambitions are out pacing my means at the moment, BUT FEAR NOT, the wait will be over soon.
Here are some things I hope to get done

  • Change of format,  the comic till now has been a horizontal page of 6 frame, the next step will be full page vertical comics, I have upped my style and upped my story, and want to give followers a more satisfying read
  • Mini comics,  the BIG comic is nice but will be on a weekly basis, so the keep the humour of the site flowing and fill in the small gaps in characters I will be peppering the blog now and then with something I like to call Short Hares or Hare Cuts ( may need help deciding ), these comics will be of small jokes and one liners, some topical , some observational , and some political ( if the internet will allow for the last one. ), to give you a chuckle and a smile.
  • Patreon,  Yeah I know everyone and their grandma is doing Patreon these days, but with good reason, it would help keep the site and projects going , and give ,me a bit more motivation for keeping the comics coming, not because I get the moniez, but because it lets me know there are people out there who are really into my work and that makes me want to do better work.
  • Follow along projects, sometimes its nice to share just something new and good to hear the ideas of my readers. I plan on doing a follow along blog with a major idea I want to do, A FULL SIZED PURPLE HARE,  a life sized articulated maquette of the star of the comic who will make appearances at Comicons, and other comic events I can get to, so people can take a selfie with him. and also watch over my house while Im out getting groceries.
  • More social feedback, as you can see I don’t keep a very constant blog, reasons being Im often put off with the idea that I may be boring outside of my comics, and also Im not often sure how to internet socially, right now I’m wondering how many people have read this far into this blog. Don’t get me wrong what comments I do get I reply to as fast as I can with much appreciation, but I would love to hear more from fans and what they thinks. (If there is anyone out there who what makes this possible then feel free to share. 🙂 ). As well as blogging down my thoughts on an issue or something I’ve discovered .
  • Competitions, Yup been wanting to do this for a while and Im putting together prizes that people would love, this will be done as Art contest prises, Perks for patrons , Holiday themed contests and so on, with bigger and better prizes as time goes on.

So there you have it, a note to the world saying that I haven’t forgotten, only that I’m deep in thought. and look forward to hearing your thoughts too.

GianClaudio  & Purple Hare