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An Idlestatus greeting to all.

It’s already been a month and things are looking good.

Story plans thus far are holding steady, the only issue is fitting in time to draw it all due to a sudden demand from my day job for more hours.  But I arranged some free time so I can dedicate myself to drawing and progressing the comics.

As some of you may have noticed, there is  voting system located on the right of the Idle Status page; and this is because I am creating a new figure line for the site and would like to give you the watchers a choice over who they would like to see first. The choices being Hare, Luna, Lyn, Brian, Eleanor, Jaune, Emula and Keeger. I intend to get the figure printed itself, and the details will be hand painted by myself. Once the figures are done the design will be numbered, signed, then retired and never made again.


Some other things I’ve been toying with, is to add some sort of chat page or forum to Idlestatus, in order to  add a new level to the site. Things like chats, talks, questions and so on. If anyone has an idea of a good forum system or know of a chat feature that is popular then feel free to comment as I am very keen on bringing the community together.

Also expanding the social Hare experience, I’m gonna create a Tumblr page featuring the non adventures of Hare. This should be available to follow next month.


As you can see I’m not exactly an expert on writing newsletters, but in the coming months, more and more progress will be achieved and I will have a lot more exciting news coming your way. And as my site grows and I get more readers joining in I will be able to interact and provide more fun content. Perhaps one day being able to give talks and demos at some comicons.


Thanks all for the support, and hope you keep reading.