An Idlestatus greeting to all


It’s another month and every day I am learning more about providing and working with the backer based system.

The main hurdle I’ve encountered so far is keeping up with the ‘behind the scene’ visuals, my style involves me drawing out designs and sketches on the go, usually when I am on my way to work or when an idea comes to mind. Admittedly, I am hopelessly disorganised when jotting down ideas and scatter my drawings of three different books on my computer and tablet, so I often forget what I put where; though I will fix this minor issue.


A few exciting  things I’m getting off the ground is the Forum idea which was mentioned in the last newsletter.

Thanks to suggestions and feedback i will be looking at PHPBB as a forum service. Topics will be decided upon shortly but will start off with a few basic ones to get started with. I hope with will bring readers together as well as allowing people to share their thoughts on what they would like to see in future stories.


Something else to report on is that our fundraising is progressing wonderfully and advertising options are on the horizon thanks to you guys.


The voting system for the figures are still ongoing and will close towards the end of the year to which I will be starting the concepts in January.


For a long while, I have been longing to make some small plush toys. I wanted to jump right in and do a Hare or Luna plush right off the bat, but I think starting small would be better. I am happy to say that work is starting on a Keeger doll – a small, four inch tall, bean-filled soft toy.Designs are already in progress and I will keep you posted about the development along with sketches and prototypes. These will be handmade so each one will be unique.


As always I am happy to hear your thoughts and opinions on progress.


so far that all i have to say I will keep you posted and feel free to talk about the story so far .

Thanks again for reading