An Idlestatus greeting to all, and a happy new year.


As always, I’d like to thank all my Patreon supporters for their wonderful support.

As some may have noticed the wallpapers have not been as regular as I had hoped. After running the Patreon for a while I am beginning to get a feel for it – but unfortunately I may have to put the comic on hold for a month.
Reason being is that the current Patreon set-up is not quite working as I believe I may be trying to run before i can walk, in other words – I have created myself too much work to keep up with the actual comic. Supporters and rewards needs to be restructured to make it fair and punctual for all patrons. Just to be clear I’m not stopping the comic, I’m just going on hold for a while. This also means that all patrons for the month of January will be refunded.


I feel that a lot of what I had planned to do is beginning to slip and I don’t want them to turn into false promises; some examples are the behind the scene drawings , the updates on side projects, the competitions, newsletters and even the reward drawings have been slipping – In short everything is slipping.

Another factor to consider is Patreon itself, as people may have seen, getting new patrons to the site has been tough. While the supporters I do have have been more than great, and been helping even before Patreon, I feel like I’m putting the weight of my plans on them alone, so a better more affordable and enticing support plan will need to be worked out.


Another issue is time. I may have mentioned it in the past but my new job can have me working โ€˜til 8pm, and the fact I rely on public transport means getting around takes time.

So I will be using this time to build better ideas, make a better business, improve time management, and more substantial rewards for those who chose to help out. ย 
So i will be back to full power in February and hope to see all the old and some new readers then.