WHAT IS … the Hareminomicon

The Haremanimicon will be a collection of all the Lore, characters, physics and rules that are within the world of Idlestatus that I affectionately call “The Purple-verse”.
Why does Lyn wear her sweater over her face, why does Hare have K-9 teeth, how do you make a hankie, dance?

The thing about compiling a book like this, is where do you start and what do you put in it, and that why Im opening up the Project to the readers. The questions you ask will give the foundation and answers will make of the contents of this almanac.

” So what do I do ?” you may be asking yourself, simply follow the link and post your question.  you will get a reply back. there no time limit, or question limit. and you van post any question related to the comic.

Or if you like ask in the comment section below.