Sooooo…  Where do I start.

I’m guessing a lot of you may be wondering what has happened to the comic over  the last few months, as the hiatus that was taken to write the next script seems to be taking forever.

Firstly, the comic has not been abandoned. The comic and story are still things I am working on. And I have not given up on it.

The real reason for my leave of absence has been forced by the most unforgiving of things…… Life. In the past few months I have had to move home, having done that ,I have had to have a kitchen rebuilt ( not by choice, note of advice – check for damp before you invest in a house). So until the work is done, I am living out of one room…  so no studio, no material and not even a kitchen table to work on. And this whole event has left me financially and physicaly exhausted. So no computer only a table to watch as my ratings fall and my work get more obscure.

But the new year is looking up… kind of. I hope to start drawing again soon but the sad truth is that I can barely afford to maintain the site, as projects, drawings and things are out of my own pocket, And free time is in short supply.

But I have not given up and when I get going again I will try my damned hardest to do it with a splash.

Thanks to you all for watch and I promise I will be back.