Purple Eugene Hare:

Main character of the show, ” Hare ” as he is known to his friends,  is four foot tall and almost normal.
He’s happy go lucky, and looks on the brighter side of things, and is often erratic and non-nonsensical.

He also has the ability to open portals to almost anywhere he can think of,
provided he knows the place exists,
Think of his portals as his ” family inheritance ” he tends to keep there use to a minimum
know that although he can go and do what ever he likes , doesn’t mean he has to .



Purples human flatmate and closest friend, Brian is the cool and calculative side to the duo.
He is genius with tech and machinery creating everything from Telekinetic sun glasses to
a fully ready Zombie plan.

Born in the heart of Cardiff Wales, he strives to become the worlds most inventive Welshman
with Hare being the perfect test subject to test his inventions,


Lunara (Luna) Kat :

Preferring to be called Luna, she is the fiery pink pepper pot that calls herself Purples girlfriend.
Luna is assertive, tough but at the same time bubbly, and warm.

Luna has has a Large family and is the middle child of seven siblings, and is completely different
to all of them. She dies her fur pink and has lost her two front buck teeth, most likely
due to her younger years being a fan of boxing.

Lyn Gwendolyn :
Timid is the best way to describe this little bat gal,  she’s quiet, easily startled , and has over a
dozen physiological issues that she shares with her therapist, but is a gentle
and kind hearted as anyone can be.
On top of her emotional issues she also has alopecia, so to make up for her lack of fur she always
wears her green turtle-neck jumper, with the neck of it pulled up over her nose.
this is not to keep her face warm, but because she is self conscious of the bat nose that she has
and will not let anyone see it.
 Elenor Eleanor:
Smart, Sophisticated, and sunny .
Working as a coffee shop Barista, Eleanor has a thing for nerdy guys, and loves Brian.
She’s very intelligent and is very skilled at the Violin, and has
no trouble keeping up with Brian’s thoughts and ideas, while having no problems with letting him
invent the craziest of things, and in her own ways keeps him in reality.
She’s also proud of being a large curvy lady, and pays little attention to those who say otherwise.